Sunday, August 3, 2008

Still reading it over and over ... and

Yes, I did; read it over and over; and since most of my blog entries are ad-lib, I have not changed a thing. Sometimes, I wish I had said something differently ... but then ... it would be planned ... calculated ... perfect English (instead of some Cajun slang thrown in) ... and as I told one person years ago ... I like writing like I talk ... it is just 'more me' that way.

Ricki ordered those small McD hamburgers again toda ... and really enjoyed them and the fries. I ... on the other hand ... ate his roast beef (so tender ... it could have just been inhaled, almost. And I love those school house buns. Yep, I made a small sandwich ... but ate the cornbread dressing also. Then just the protein ... well, the tomato and pickle too ... of my grilled chicken (half of a half of a breast ... yep, not a repeated ... really was a half of half of a breast ;-)

HL was not feeling good at all ... so I drove; and we only stayed about an hour. But Ricki is so much more clear headed now ... and everything we talk about makes a lot of sense. We were just filling in the blanks for him for the first few days in DeQuincy.

I often prayed that he not remember some of the things they did to him ... and did not do for him as he asked ... and ... GOD IS GOOD ... ALWAYS; AND IN ALL WAYS. He does ask if certain things really happened ... or did he dream it ... and most of it is real, although maybe a bit cloudy ... and we answer all his questions truthly. Would not want him to believe that those memories are fantasy. We wish we could help other folks in that ICU who are not being treated right ... physically. One thing is ... the medical treatments are the best to be had ... if the staff 'of the day' is in the mood to work with the patient. Certain nurses were so dedicated ... and others were so lazy and unconcerned. I always say 'if you do not like sick folks, do not go into the medical field' ... and ... 'if you do not like kids, do not become a teacher'.

My vertigo is better so I will be heading off to Mass in a few. Hope all of you had a pleasant and peaceful weekend ... and ... >>>unhappy that I am not in Kansas City today ... but ... IN GOD'S TIME; I am sure Sissy and I will get there eventually.

Je t'aime ... and ... DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!! Macile JESUS, I trust in YOU!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am gonna try to write with my heart today ... but

the visit to see Ricki and bring him some home cooked food ... is just so new in my mind, I may not get this done. I have so many things that I want to say; but to me ... it sounds like I am trying to second guess GOD ... or even take control.

The saying 'let go and let GOD' is one motto that I try to live by; but fail so often ... it puts me to wandering ... 'why say it, if you are not going to do it'. An awesome lady that I know (and finally got to meet in June) ... mostly closes her blog entries with ... 'striving to be perfect; knowing that will only come as we reach our heavenly home with Jesus'. Now, do not quote me; it does not seem to be 'just right' as she says it ... but that sentence relays her feelings, I do believe.

There are so many feelings around Ricki; like only driving 30 minutes or so ... and Voila ... there he is. He is right next to an outside door ... and so we do not have to go through the front ... and all the activities going on; and it is a long walk for both HL and me.

My first impression of the building (and the shape it is in) was 'a smelly old nursing home' ... and 'how can they help him here, when that huge and clean hospital could not'? But that changed as soon as we met the Director of Nursing, the Wound Care Nursing director, and a few of the aids that are helping ... getting him cleaned up and the wounds treated and new banadages put on.

That is a good and gracious bunch of folks. They (when in the room with him and working on him) have him and only him on their minds. And he assured us, when none of them were listening ... 'they are so much more kinder and caring than at LSU'. Praise GOD!

And they are ... changing the dressing and putting on more anti-biotic cream on the wound near his tailbone ... TWICE A DAY; and his chest ... ONCE A DAY. AWESOME!!! LSU did them each ... once a week. Ohe, GOD ... why??? Again searching for answers ... rather than praying with 'an attitude of gratitude' that he is now is such good hands.

And he just called; worried about how hard this 'going almost every day' is for his dad and me; not only physically but emotionally. Like I told him; 'it may sink in later ... but right now, we are just so elated to have him close by'; and he thrives on company. Riley was there today with Trudy and ... she and her pawpaw ... got to play.

I am going to put this aside for now. And I may even edit ... or ... delete ... later when things fix better in my heart and mind. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I did not realize it has been that long (April 16, it says) but our lives have been in such an uproar ... between HL's pain management; Ricki (still in ICU in Shreveport ... and that is a hard trip ... Sissy and I make in one day ... when HL is with us ... we stayed 3 ... each of the 2 times); Sissy trying to get all the laborers in line to finish the house ... and she and I went to the wedding in CA of my deceased sister's granddaughter. All that has been like a whirlwind.
Soooo ... just keep reading ... and visit the pages of my friends who blog also, mostly spiritually; and I will try to get back on schedule soon.
Funny thing is ... I have been reading and commenting on the blogs of those friends (mostly members of the stjames224 group) and so it feels like I have STILL been talking to all of you.
Merci for the prayers ... and come back soooooon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


About a couple of months ago in the daytime, HL came toward the house from our pond ... which is only about 9 acres away ... but with a couple of curves and plenty of weeds, you cannot see the house until you are about 4 acres closer. As he rounded the last curve, he saw an ambulance at our front door, with the lights going ... but no siren and rushed to see what was going on. >>>It was when I had vertigo so bad.<<<
Two EMTs were in the cab, doing paper work on a clipboard. Our front door was closed, but from my computer room, I cannot see the driveway, much less who was at the front door. However, they assured them that they had NOT knocked yet. ***Good thing it was not an urgent 911 call.*** So then he had to go to the back door; maybe a minute more than if the front door was unlocked. He came in, slamming the door and hollering for me.
Imagine his surprise when I was looking into the kitchen ... and he can see me after about 4 or 5 steps toward the sink. I could not 'figger' out what all the hallow-ba-looooo was.
Well, I was on line; so no one could have used my internet line to dial out. They were satisfied with seeing me ... and knowing there was no emergency. But they claimed the call came from 3187 ... and that was impossible, we assured them
Now, on Monday night (4/15; around 1:30 am); BAM, BAM, BAM ... AND ... it was NOT Emeril. HL said 'be quiet' and took his pistol and went into the living room. BAM, BAM AND BAMBAMMMMM. They were determined to wake someone.
He said 'who is it?' and as the voice came back 'sheriff dept' ... I saw one of them step up on the bottom step and could see his patch on his shirt sleeve. I could also see the legs of one of them on the porch. I told HL that ... so he opened the door slightly, with his pistol hanging down at his side, but where it could be seen. Needless to say, he was being cautious; but still, wanted to be ready if the voice outside was lying. >>>They could have prevented all that anxiety by having their whirling lights on ... but only had on their headlights and there were 3 guys ... each in their own car. 'What is the emergency' was from the guy on the porch.
HL said 'I do not know what you are talking about.' About that time, someone saw the gun in his hand at the same time that he realized the uniforms and the cars were real.
The guy on the porch said 'I do not blame you; I would not have opened my door without my gun in hand.' They chatted a bit; 'do you have a computer' ... and I explained ... a laptop that I always turn off ... and since I get into several bank accounts (all with the padlock; but I am still leary about this new fangled gadgets) I always unplug the phone line. ;-) Yep, I do.
Sooooooooo your guess is as good as mine. We still do not know why or how that phone call was made. HL thinks it was our address but in Westlake (70669 instead of our 70663 because we get their mail and they get ours). Sissy and I think it was one of the many computers under the communication tower. Will probably never know. But if it happens again, I am going to be a lotttttttt more curious ... and ask a lot of questions.
For now; GOD IS GOOD ... ALWAYS; AND IN ALL WAYS. (Yes, we both thought it was bad news about Ricki or one of his boys [Daniel works nights] ... we praise our Sweet Jesus ... that it was just a glitizzzzz in some machine. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ricki is stable; but no where near release

Merci for all the prayers for our son, Ricki who is stable but not getting any better ... and for all of those who do not know ... a six day hospital stay for a triple by-pass has extended to a month and 4 days. (Surgery 3/11 ... and he now has a staph infection ... had two more surgeries and is his chest is laid open so they can clean the bacteria out a couple of times a day.) Any and all prayers are deeply appreciated. And I can be reached on this website ...
macilehooperlejeune. com DIEU TE BENISSE!!! Cajun Sissy Macile

Sunday, April 13, 2008


HL left just before the Mass came on EWTN. I thought; watch it and let it take you out of yourself and the 'why, me/us/our family' mode. Praying always helps. NOPE!
Ricki came back from surgery around 3 am; held back because a 13 year old had a farm accident and they were trying to save his arm. Pray for him and his family.
At 10:30 this morning, R was resting ... still knocked out ... so he could get some strength back into his tired body. And he will probably have to go on dialysis.
I just got off the phone with Trudy; he is resting, in isolation and wanting her beside him every time he wakes up. They cannot sedate him too much; his b/p falls too low. And we know what could happen. His dr give the worst case secernio because he says if he sugar-coats the facts and then the patient almost dies or does die ... the family is hurt worse. I believe that and so does Trudy. We want to know the worst that can happen ... and then pray for better outcome. As if GOD does not already know how we love Ricki and want him well and home.
So Mama (me) is looking for strength of mind and soul; and >>>that will happen as I read the reading of the Mass along with the lector ... and listen to the sermon. NOPE!!!
I have always feared ... (get this now) ... the 23rd Psalm. ***The Lord is my Shepherd***. What's to fear? THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH; HE is our Shepherd; He will steer (herd) us right ... as long as we are willing to follow the TRUTH.
But I always associate it with sympathy cards. When my mom had her thyroids removed ... I was writing to our troops in Vietnam. I went to see her about an hour after learning that one of my favorite guys had been killed. And there on her table beside her bed ... a beautiful get well card ... with ... yep; the 23rd Psalm.
Father Dominic said Mass; and what a homily. (Pay attention, Dean; he could be your big brother ... so take care of your hair. ;-) He said >>>Jesus is the Main Shepherd; Pope next in line (although part of the flock); then Bishops, priests ... on down the line (all part of the flock; but leaders also; even us ... who have no title except laity); we should lead all we meet to the Truth; always evangelizing.<<<
Take heed; my kith and kin; and new readers. 'Much is expected to whom much is given.' I keep saying 'Jesus, I trust in YOU'. When will I start to believe and act upon that; and show some 'gratitude'. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!


'Be specific' Sissy always says. Soooo, Sweet Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots ... please make this the last knot that needs your attention. Help his stomac heal; his kidneys to start functioning normally; and get rid of this infection so he can come home to all of us that miss him so much; especially little Riley. FOR THIS AND ALL OUR OTHER PRAYERS, WE PLEAD THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS; REIGN DOWN ON OUR SON ... IN THE NAME OF CHRIST JESUS ... OUR FATHER AND THE HOLY SPIRIT, FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


AND ... I am not afraid that it has anything to do with Ricki; I turned that over to GOD several days ago. I just have this wierd feeling today. Yes, I prayed and prayed. NOW ... Sweet Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots ... bring my heart and soul back in line with both of you; and St. Dymphna ... clear my mind of these thoughts (am sure old red leggs is laughing out loud .... 'got cha' he is saying). NOPE ... gonna beat this one ... with the help of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta; St. Therese; St. Teresa; St. Rita of Cascia ... and St. Jude ... yes, I was a hopeless case until I prayed. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


After Trudy called me while we were at the eye dr office, I started saying Hail Marys … with Mary, Undoer of Knots … please take care of him. And, of course, there were plenty of please to JESUS, in your Divine Mercy.
Six hours later, I was standing next to our fridge, where there is space on the counter between the microwave, toaster and toaster oven. I was making me a bologna sandwich for supper.
And like a loud bull horn in a riot … I almost heard (out loud, but only in my mind) … Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, please help.
That was all of my prayer. Less than 2 hours later, Trudy called. The cardiac surgeon came by with his senior surgery resident. He announced … ‘no surgery’. Ricki and Trudy were stunned.
‘NO need (right now) for surgery; your fever is down; your cultures are getting better and better’. >>>Of course, I cried out in joy. Trudy’s voice was also shaky; and HL was wiping tears from his cheeks. Ohe, Sweet Jesus; merci beaucoup plus et plus.<<< And merci for your praying also.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Me; and myspace; and why

A few months ago, when Sissy made me a myspace page without telling me (she wanted to surprise me) ... so I could keep up with the goings on in her life (she was still moving around a lot) ... and with Annie, Damian, Joe, Daniel, Rachel and other friends, I really thought it was a waste of her precious little time ... energy ... and when in soooooooo much pain, she could have been resting.
JESUS and Our Father, GOD ... and the Holy Spirit ... have amazing ways to enrich our lives. Some folks thinks that computers are 'evil'.
But since owning mine (I have had four at one time; two which still work) I have had so much joy and spiritual pleasure using them. I initially bought a used one to type and save the Newsletters for Cajuns with Diabetes. It cost me $140 and even came with a printer. Then Mama ... after seeing a laptop that MJ brought home with him on a 4 day weekend ... thought I needed one of those. Ohe, my; what a change.
This one I am using today is called #4; and it can even burn CDs and DVDs. I bought it when my annuity matured ... using some of the interest money. MJ and Ricki both kept saying, 'buy something for yourself, instead of giving away your money'. Of course, MJ believes in tithing and knows that I do also. GOD should always come first in our opinions ... not from leftovers.
The main reason that I am writing this today ... is that I am sooooo grateful for things that our Sweet Jesus, HIS Blessed Mother and Our Father GOD does in my life. I am so lucky to have all of you in my life ... and now ... MERCI TO DJ, I HAVE A COUPLE OF AWESOME 'FRIENDS' ON MYSPACE.
St. Benedict is DJ's third name ... and the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of his friends. I just tried to send a message to Father Corapi. Did you know he is ill??? But with his myspace page ... you can write to him, even if he has not been on lately.
I have watched his teaching on EWTN for a long time. And he is some teacher; just like is ... Father Benedict Groeschell and Mother Angelica ... ohe, and Father Mitch Pacwa. Well, lots more ... some regulars and some 'once in a while' like Fr. Staub. If you have not seen these folks, go to ... and click on schedule ... and watch some real 'reality' shows that will enrich your life.
May our Sweet Jesus and His Blessed Mother keep their arms around all of us!!! DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!! ;*-}
Je t'aime, DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!! Macile Hooper LeJeune,
a little old Cajun lady, 17 miles east of Orange, TX ... in Cajun country. Macile's Thoughts on Life and God Get Macile Hooper LeJeune's Prayer Team praying for you today - Submit a Prayer Request and other ... Prayer Requests at St Louis MO Business Consulting Services for Small to Medium Size Companies

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ricki needs more prayers; though not urgent

On Friday (was that just yesterday) ... no, on Thursday ... the drs said he could come home. He and Trudy spoke up almost at the same time, same words 'but' ... he had not walked for 17 days. The only time he was out of the bed was a couple of days after the surgery; put into a chair by 4 biggggg orderlies. >>>His surgeon was not pleased that the PT had not been walking him up and down the hall.<<<

Soooo they started doing that right then. A few steps ... (he claimed it was more steps back to the bed than away from it; tired out, he was). But they did a lot of that all afternoon. Then Trudy went to her aunt's house to get some much needed sleep. (In CCU, they started letting her stay with him, and even sit on the bed, once they took the tube out of his throat. That gave him a chance to EAT ... and so the IV drip antibotic and the feeding tube were gone.)

Friday morning when she got back to the hospital, things were not right. He wanted to go to the bathroom and since his bed rails were down and no one would answer his bell ringing, he went by himself. And his incision started ozzzzzing drops of blood. They did an echo gram ... and ... found his breast bone was not coming together like it should.

Yep, another surgery called for; but just an opening of the incision and ... they will tightly wire his breast bone together ... instead of the staples they had used. I am not sure, but some of them must have moved. This is a non-emergency surgery; and as we called friend and family for prayers ... we found out it happens to most Diabetics. But we are still praying.

Please join us ... and as Michael says ... pray with 'an attitude of gratitude' as we believe that our Father GOD, Sweet Jesus, and Blessed Mother Mary will intercede and that the Holy Spirit will guide the hands of the surgeon and his staff. JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Ohe, yes; on this bright sunshiny Louisiana spring day ... HIS hand is in all creations; trees blooming, bird singing, folks in their finest, singing ... singing ... singing ALLELUIA.
HL and I ... both ... made it through ALL the mass. ALLELUIA!!!
The altar was full of spring flowers; daffodils, daizys, narcissis; a bright aray of yellow, white and green. Spring has really sprung; and all is right in our world ... ALMOST.
Ricki is still in CCU ... but doing much better; awake a lot and responding to words and touch. He is trying to tell Trudy something ... but his hands are toooooo weak to hold the pen.
Our prayers today ... is that he makes his wishes known. It may be some trivial thing to all of us ... but it is so important to him ... that when Trudy and family are MADE to leave, he gets much agitated. Ohe, Sweet Jesus; help him make them understand ... so he can rest ... knowing his wishes will be fulfilled. DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!! ALL OF YOU; MERCI FOR THE PRAYERS ... AND HAVE A JOYOUS AND HOLY EASTER.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


In this holiest of HOLY WEEKS … in the Christian calendar … with tomorrow commenting the death of OUR SWEET JESUS, I can sympathize more with our Blessed Mother … than ever before. Before … I would think, ‘what would it be like’ to lose one of our children.
If you know us personally, you know … that our first born, a son, Ricki Joseph recently had heart by-pass surgery. He did well, surgery went faster that originally thought; he was off the respirator and in a chair by the third day. Then something happened. He was having panic attacks (nurse said) … and the more he had, he had much more. Finally they sedated him because someone noticed that they were fewer and farther between while he was asleep. They put him back on the ventilator.
Then he developed fluid in his lungs (they thought) … which actually was in his lung sacks. And he was building up mucus and could not cough it up because of the ventilator tube in his throat. They started pumping it out.
Then came the scare on Tuesday of this week. Things were not looking up anymore; just down and down and down; except his temperature. And someone (hospital staff) told the family ‘we have done all we can; now it is up to his will to live’. Sooooooo, no problem; he really wants to live.
And live he did. >>>Was Tuesday … only 2 days away. All the prayers in his behalf … did not get him up and walking around; but GOD did hear … and GOD did say ‘yes’. >>>Again someone (hospital staff) decided his sedation med was ‘maybe’ causing some of the problem.
Yesterday morning … his wife and sons … found a much better situation … and his fever was down from 102 … to 98.7. Gosh; he is normal.
Of course, we are all praising GOD, the Father; HIS SON; and our Blesssed Mother … with an army of saints … and saying ‘merci beaucoup plus et plus’ … over and over. DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!!
JESUS … I TRUST IN YOU; HE IS RISEN!!! Well, on Sunday.

Monday, March 10, 2008


HL had a dr appt this morning ... and I was tooooo dizzy to drive. I had prayed most of the night that I could go ... so he could get a 'big' pain shot. With the negative answer to my prayer ... I found out as HL started to leave ... it really was not NO; just not my way. >>>He had been buzzing around all morning, but I had not asked him about pain ... because to me, it seemed he did not hurt.<<< Soooooooooo, as I apologized for not being able to go ... he said 'no matter; I feel good (it was a med check) and do not need a shot'.
***I do not know how to drag and drop ... another website ... but ... Christine started a novena to St. Joseph this morning. AWESOME; and for fathers, husbands and ... yep ... carpentars (I pleaded for Sissy's house to be finished soon and under budget.) Christine's webpage is ... a widow's walk ... and the link is at the top of my page. Take a look; at all the links up there. All are by such spirit filled ladies from the stjames group. Great Lent reading.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I was sitting, my head hung low, asking 'why me' ... 'for so long' ... and it came to me; almost as a whisper ... instead of just a thought.
I must confess ... that I have never had the 'reverant devotion' to the Mass and Eucharist ... that I see in so many folks. We have one man that goes to 10:30 Mass every Sunday. He lives with his aged mother (she attends also) and a grandson they are raising (he attends also and is a server as is his granddad). This man kneels on both knees with his head bowed, before entering the pew. His hands are always ... palms together and straight up; none of this half way for him. He is a member of a group of men, that say a 'spiritual' rosary at funerals. They pray; sing; reflect on scriptual; sing; pray ... and end with 'Gentle Woman'. It is an amazing and awesome service to attend.
Now, for me. The past few days, I have been almost 'normal' in the late afternoon. Just wobbly but no dizzzzzzieness ... and with some energy.
But today ... is a day ... that Dr. S told me to wean myself off the patch. 'It is only a temporary thing; not meant to wear forever'. Ooooooooopss!!! Could it be a subliminal suggestion? It has been about 2 hours, and I am slightly dizzy, more nauseated ... and almost crying.
I am thinking ... this 'cross' as Esther said 'is probably some lesson I should learn'. Yep, bet Jesus wants me to have more reverant devotion to HIM in the sacrement of Eucharist. I am not even thinking (ohe, yes, I am) of how much fun ... old red legs ... is having with me. >>>GO AWAY, DEVIL/SATAN/EVIL ONE<<< Now, say it out loud. That is what Sissy does.
Well, HL just shouted 'dinner is served' ... he barbarqued and even made the potato salad. Yucks, just thinking about it makes me ... ??????? Am going to try though to keep some of it down. He is trying hard to keep normal in all of this.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I know in my heart that when HE is ready, I will be well. I am the most ... impatient patient that I know. Well, I guess after HL. But he expects ... when he sees a dr today; tomorrow will be ... back to normal. But since Dr. S said ... 'try this for 5 days; and if you are not better ... take 1/2 of a valium at night.' I hope we do not have to do an MRI ... nor go out of town for a specialist. But this seems to just drag on and on. Well, not really. Remember, I did have some good days on the patch ... before I got on the Bactrim. Yep, he took me off that ... because the cyst incision was healing nicely (he said) ;-)
And yes, I know that it may take a few days to get all of the Bactrim out of my system. I actually felt almost well ... Tuesday and yesterday ... just in time for bed.
Soooooooooooo am praying ... and Sissy is treating me ... and I have such a prayer warrior group of kith and kin ... that I know in my head ... when HE is ready. But ... just want to say 'HURRY UP, SWEET JESUS'. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Merci to all of you who are praying. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Keeping it all straight; need data file %-p

Last night and some this morning, I kept thinking ... go to my aol blog ... and add some things about eating right (for a Diabetic ... trying to lose weight and get the FBS at an acceptable level). Well, I went there a couple of time, between reading mail and other blogs ... and just could not find what I was looking for. DUH!!! Need my brain cleaned, especially memory area.
I started putting that stuff on this site ... so I can repost it on CCC when we get it up and running. NOW ... for the confession of the weekend.
I was doing fine; blood sugar just a little high (135 or less) for over 2 weeks now, and soooooo, decided to eat that half banana, a couple of the huge strawberries we bought during the week, and of course, that went into the bowl holding the 'no sugar added' butter/pecan ice cream. Then I remembered the 'light' cool whip and the choc shell ... going to waste on the table.
NOW ... the first mistake I made ... was to whip up this concoction; and second was eating it in the middle of the afternoon. But ... it was Sunday; my 'over eat' day so my body would not think it is in 'hibernation' and adjust my metabiliosm. Soooooooooo, this morning, my FBS was 215.
Ohhhhhhhe, my; ohe, my; Never ... in the 22 years of testing first thing in the morning ... did I have a reading like that. Soooooooooooo, gonna put that # on the fridge in large red letters ... and try to get my tired body and brain to stop looking for excuses ... and just 'git it done' as one of our grandsons like to say. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Did you happen to catch the EWTN mass yesterday? I watch it at 6pm (CDT) and do not get back on line after that. BUT ... a visiting priest ... Father John Kennedy (yep) from Austrialia was speaking of what happened when the Friar (probably Fr. Joseph) asked him to preach. It was at supper, day before yesterday ... and that meant 'I do not have time to write'... but after the first refusal ... he was asked again (coaxed, he said) and again he refused. He did not say how many times ... but over and over; and they even said 'Just think, your mom in Austrialia could see you and see you are fine and healthy'. Was that blackmail?? He was grinning.
I speak of this ... because so many of us, lately, have talked about our 'dark night of the soul' and how there are times when we just ... DO NOT ... want to pray. He was eloquent ... and sooooo convincing ... and I said 'ALLELUIA'.
His words were 'the more you do not want to do something that GOD wants you to do ... but you go on and do it ... the more meaning your suffering has'.
Our homily on Sunday was much the same; 'in GOD's own time; in GOD's own way'.
As Lee Anne said 'doing it GOD's way ... even when we think we know more than HE'.
Jesus said 'pray with a joyful heart' ... but that does not say that if you do not have a joyful heart ... your prayers are less effective. In fact as Fr. Kennedy said 'give until it hurts; as our Blessed Mother gave at the foot of the cross. She, for sure ... did not have a joyful heart at that time ... nor did she, most of her life, seeing as how she knew from the beginning ... what her precious SON would have to go through to save our souls.
Soooooooooo, DJ, Leslie, Esther, me and me and me ... pray anyway ... and reap the rewards for yourself ... and others (Love your neighbor). I am going to try to continue using an 'attitude of gratitude' in all my spiritual life ... and let GOD know (as if HE does not already) ... I am aiming for perfection ... knowing it will come ... in my next stage of life.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Trying to learn how to put new links in my list

Widow's Walk OK ... so that is Christine MaggieO's blog. But I want it in the list of blogs or sites on the side of my blog. Let's see. Publish ... and ... ???

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just once, Lord; just once

As I was watching Fr. Pacwac last night, bemoaning in my mind ... how tired I was, it came to me 'just once, I would like to stay in bed beyond daybreak'. NOT because I am sick (remember last 2 weeks, I would NOT stay in bed) ... and certainly not because I am dead.
NOPE, got toooooo much work to do. Of course, I bet, when we die, we will not be tired again.
Yesterday was a big day for me after over 3 weeks of not doing much except stablizing my head against a high back desk chair (where I am now) or ... stablizing my head against a high back recliner in the living room.
At the table this morning (HL seldom eats the same time as me, but did today) ... he said 'why am I so tired. I spent plenty of time in bed resting and sleeping.' He has a TV in the bedroom and a bed that you can raise the head. So most days, at 6pm when the Mass is on EWTN, he goes in there and stays until the next morning. ;-) (That gives me 2 or 3 hours in the living room ... watching what I like.)
Soooooo, where does this leave us. Someone told me once, that the more you exercise, the less tired you are. Soooooo as soon as I am 'good to go' with this head of mine (which is lotzzzz better today) ... am going to try to start my walk-a-robic exercise again. That helps keep my FBS under control and there are other health benefits also.
Ya'll have a nice day. DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Another week; progress??? Ugh!!!

Yes, again; I am whining. Weighed today even though I 'snuck up on the scale yesterday' because I always weigh on Saturday. Another 3 pounds lost; but is that really progress ... after the way I have been nauseated all week. Yesterday, the vertigo was more worse than any other day this week. Soooooo crackers and milk and a boiled egg ... was the menu of the day. I made myself an scrambled eggbeater sandwich on raisin bread ... and just the smell of that bread ... led me to put it in a plastic ziploc bag and store in fridge.
Sooooooooo ... this morning ... decided to eat half of it. HL still wants to go eat at that 'Cajun buffet' ... and if I can stand up ... I will.
Sooooooooooo ... on with the day. A little housework ... turn on the washer ... get dressed ... and Ooooooooops!!! Rush back into the bathroom to upchuck. My stomach has been threatening to do that all week, but a cold wet rag on my neck had prevented it.
So I sit here at this machine and am shaking inside and out. HL is back from Mass ... and freezing. %---{ Why run the central heat ... while he is gone, if I am overly warm?
The washer just finished the rinse spin ... but will wait a while before attempting to stand up. Now ... do not fret; as HL says 'get to the dr' ... and I remind him that I have been having vertigo since the late 60s; and no dr has ever prescribed anything except Antivert ... an expensive brand name chemical that translates to ... YEP; Dramamine.
Stay tuned for an update; and ... YA'LL HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

To eat or not to eat; do not starve your vital organs; YUCKS!!!

I have been 'fat' most of my life. But since I am having several health issues that would more than likely be solved if I would lose a hundred pounds, I had a talk with myself ... and said ... do it ... one day at a time.
#1: the NutriSystem offer I got in the mail was touted as 'less than $10 a day'. Ohe, my lands; HL and I together do not eat half that much in a month.
#2: I got a 'challenge' from Slim Fast in an email. Too much sugar, I find.
#3: We bought a new frost free freezer ... and you would not believe all the veggies that I found under that ice in the old one. I can eat on that for months without even going to the store. :-)
Soooooooooo, here it is ... January 12 ... and I am still trying to 'figger' out ... just what I will do with myself at meal time. Let's have a banana split and think about it. Well, yeah; a half of a banana, strawberry ice cream (low fat), butter pecan ice cream (low fat with no added sugar) ... a dab of chocolate shell ... and to top it off ... light and sugar cream whipped topping. There goes my Sunday dessert.
I should have remembered that my motto for a long time was ... 'if I crave something, wait a day, and most of the time, that craving will go away'. Oooooooops!
I was told by a dr in Tennessee once ... a long time ago ... do not diet on the weekend, because your bodies metabolism will shut down because it thinks it is winter time ... and hibernate like an old Grizzly bear. ;-) That is why when you first start a weight lost program, you lose a lot and then hit a 'plateau'. But I only cheat (more food, with Diabetes exchanges in mind) on Sunday at noon ... and on grocery buying day ... so it is spread apart. Some folks cannot stop eating wrong if they start. A lady I know does not eat all day, (dr's orders) because once she starts, she keeps on keeping on until bedtime. I think she needs some willpower training. That is sad. Leslie, an e-pal extraordinare of mine ... talked about not being able to eat lettuce, so salads were just not 'salad'. Sissy and I cannot eat iceberg lettuce; and do you know, some restaurants charge extra for Romaine or Spinach. %--p And there are always other greens. I love raw mustard greens, turnip greens, radish greens; etc. And when I had a tooth ache one day, I remember that a sis-in-law used to grind her radish in a salad blender. I even do that with cucumbers with the skin on; all that fiber is good for you. And I cook apple and oranges with the skin on.
Leslie mentioned in her blog that she is a 'sloth' when it comes to food.
Just to make sure I knew what 'sloth' was ... I looked it up. Yep, Leslie is not a sloth; no way. Geeeezh, she drives 2 hours one way to get to work and back. Sooooooo she is not a sloth ... and sometimes that drive is harder than the work she does ... especially in severe weather. Definition ... disinclination to work (she is NOT that) ... or exert oneself (NOT) or ... lazy (definitely NOT); >>>AND<<< NOT ... a slow-moving, tree-dwelling South American mammal who hangs upside down from a tree branch. *giggle* NOT!!!
So ... now a question ... if we are full of sloth about food ... must we add gluttony to our list of things to confess? I think not; because if you are lazy about eating, then you probably tend to eat less, just foods with higher calories, if handy.
Is that what you meant, ma cherie?
HL sometimes does not know what he wants to eat for lunch until breakfast is over for an hour or two. I like to plan my meals WAY ahead of time; like when I am making a grocery list. And if the ingredients are frozen, I sometime take them out of the freezer and defrost them over night in the fridge.
I tend to under eat most days ... (and there is a weight loss support company in LA (CA) THAT TOLD MY COUSIN ... that is worst than overeating) ... because ... not only do you not lose, you do not get your needs met ... so fasting for long periods ... will cause your body to eat itself; and it eats muscle as well as fat). >>>I actually had a silent heart attack ... while living on a 500 calories or less ... per day ... for 8 months. Ohe, I lost weight ... but ... was so malnourished that I landed in the hospital for several days. Since I was dehydrated, they gave me IV drip, and put me back on my feet. Then I got pregnant and gained back that weight and more. And me, at 39 and counting, should have known better. %--p
MJ is working on the Cajun Country Card website ... and I hope to have it up and running soon. But so I can post this on my ... aol ... blog, I will close for now, and hope to report a good weight loss and a smooth system to my eating ... on that site.
Je t'aime and DIEU TE BENISSE! GOD BLESS! Macile