Monday, July 21, 2008


I did not realize it has been that long (April 16, it says) but our lives have been in such an uproar ... between HL's pain management; Ricki (still in ICU in Shreveport ... and that is a hard trip ... Sissy and I make in one day ... when HL is with us ... we stayed 3 ... each of the 2 times); Sissy trying to get all the laborers in line to finish the house ... and she and I went to the wedding in CA of my deceased sister's granddaughter. All that has been like a whirlwind.
Soooo ... just keep reading ... and visit the pages of my friends who blog also, mostly spiritually; and I will try to get back on schedule soon.
Funny thing is ... I have been reading and commenting on the blogs of those friends (mostly members of the stjames224 group) and so it feels like I have STILL been talking to all of you.
Merci for the prayers ... and come back soooooon.

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Christine Trollinger said...

Glad your back in the groove of Blogging Macile. And especially happy that Ricki is getting better finally.