Saturday, January 12, 2008

To eat or not to eat; do not starve your vital organs; YUCKS!!!

I have been 'fat' most of my life. But since I am having several health issues that would more than likely be solved if I would lose a hundred pounds, I had a talk with myself ... and said ... do it ... one day at a time.
#1: the NutriSystem offer I got in the mail was touted as 'less than $10 a day'. Ohe, my lands; HL and I together do not eat half that much in a month.
#2: I got a 'challenge' from Slim Fast in an email. Too much sugar, I find.
#3: We bought a new frost free freezer ... and you would not believe all the veggies that I found under that ice in the old one. I can eat on that for months without even going to the store. :-)
Soooooooooo, here it is ... January 12 ... and I am still trying to 'figger' out ... just what I will do with myself at meal time. Let's have a banana split and think about it. Well, yeah; a half of a banana, strawberry ice cream (low fat), butter pecan ice cream (low fat with no added sugar) ... a dab of chocolate shell ... and to top it off ... light and sugar cream whipped topping. There goes my Sunday dessert.
I should have remembered that my motto for a long time was ... 'if I crave something, wait a day, and most of the time, that craving will go away'. Oooooooops!
I was told by a dr in Tennessee once ... a long time ago ... do not diet on the weekend, because your bodies metabolism will shut down because it thinks it is winter time ... and hibernate like an old Grizzly bear. ;-) That is why when you first start a weight lost program, you lose a lot and then hit a 'plateau'. But I only cheat (more food, with Diabetes exchanges in mind) on Sunday at noon ... and on grocery buying day ... so it is spread apart. Some folks cannot stop eating wrong if they start. A lady I know does not eat all day, (dr's orders) because once she starts, she keeps on keeping on until bedtime. I think she needs some willpower training. That is sad. Leslie, an e-pal extraordinare of mine ... talked about not being able to eat lettuce, so salads were just not 'salad'. Sissy and I cannot eat iceberg lettuce; and do you know, some restaurants charge extra for Romaine or Spinach. %--p And there are always other greens. I love raw mustard greens, turnip greens, radish greens; etc. And when I had a tooth ache one day, I remember that a sis-in-law used to grind her radish in a salad blender. I even do that with cucumbers with the skin on; all that fiber is good for you. And I cook apple and oranges with the skin on.
Leslie mentioned in her blog that she is a 'sloth' when it comes to food.
Just to make sure I knew what 'sloth' was ... I looked it up. Yep, Leslie is not a sloth; no way. Geeeezh, she drives 2 hours one way to get to work and back. Sooooooo she is not a sloth ... and sometimes that drive is harder than the work she does ... especially in severe weather. Definition ... disinclination to work (she is NOT that) ... or exert oneself (NOT) or ... lazy (definitely NOT); >>>AND<<< NOT ... a slow-moving, tree-dwelling South American mammal who hangs upside down from a tree branch. *giggle* NOT!!!
So ... now a question ... if we are full of sloth about food ... must we add gluttony to our list of things to confess? I think not; because if you are lazy about eating, then you probably tend to eat less, just foods with higher calories, if handy.
Is that what you meant, ma cherie?
HL sometimes does not know what he wants to eat for lunch until breakfast is over for an hour or two. I like to plan my meals WAY ahead of time; like when I am making a grocery list. And if the ingredients are frozen, I sometime take them out of the freezer and defrost them over night in the fridge.
I tend to under eat most days ... (and there is a weight loss support company in LA (CA) THAT TOLD MY COUSIN ... that is worst than overeating) ... because ... not only do you not lose, you do not get your needs met ... so fasting for long periods ... will cause your body to eat itself; and it eats muscle as well as fat). >>>I actually had a silent heart attack ... while living on a 500 calories or less ... per day ... for 8 months. Ohe, I lost weight ... but ... was so malnourished that I landed in the hospital for several days. Since I was dehydrated, they gave me IV drip, and put me back on my feet. Then I got pregnant and gained back that weight and more. And me, at 39 and counting, should have known better. %--p
MJ is working on the Cajun Country Card website ... and I hope to have it up and running soon. But so I can post this on my ... aol ... blog, I will close for now, and hope to report a good weight loss and a smooth system to my eating ... on that site.
Je t'aime and DIEU TE BENISSE! GOD BLESS! Macile