Monday, March 31, 2008

Me; and myspace; and why

A few months ago, when Sissy made me a myspace page without telling me (she wanted to surprise me) ... so I could keep up with the goings on in her life (she was still moving around a lot) ... and with Annie, Damian, Joe, Daniel, Rachel and other friends, I really thought it was a waste of her precious little time ... energy ... and when in soooooooo much pain, she could have been resting.
JESUS and Our Father, GOD ... and the Holy Spirit ... have amazing ways to enrich our lives. Some folks thinks that computers are 'evil'.
But since owning mine (I have had four at one time; two which still work) I have had so much joy and spiritual pleasure using them. I initially bought a used one to type and save the Newsletters for Cajuns with Diabetes. It cost me $140 and even came with a printer. Then Mama ... after seeing a laptop that MJ brought home with him on a 4 day weekend ... thought I needed one of those. Ohe, my; what a change.
This one I am using today is called #4; and it can even burn CDs and DVDs. I bought it when my annuity matured ... using some of the interest money. MJ and Ricki both kept saying, 'buy something for yourself, instead of giving away your money'. Of course, MJ believes in tithing and knows that I do also. GOD should always come first in our opinions ... not from leftovers.
The main reason that I am writing this today ... is that I am sooooo grateful for things that our Sweet Jesus, HIS Blessed Mother and Our Father GOD does in my life. I am so lucky to have all of you in my life ... and now ... MERCI TO DJ, I HAVE A COUPLE OF AWESOME 'FRIENDS' ON MYSPACE.
St. Benedict is DJ's third name ... and the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of his friends. I just tried to send a message to Father Corapi. Did you know he is ill??? But with his myspace page ... you can write to him, even if he has not been on lately.
I have watched his teaching on EWTN for a long time. And he is some teacher; just like is ... Father Benedict Groeschell and Mother Angelica ... ohe, and Father Mitch Pacwa. Well, lots more ... some regulars and some 'once in a while' like Fr. Staub. If you have not seen these folks, go to ... and click on schedule ... and watch some real 'reality' shows that will enrich your life.
May our Sweet Jesus and His Blessed Mother keep their arms around all of us!!! DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!! ;*-}
Je t'aime, DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!! Macile Hooper LeJeune,
a little old Cajun lady, 17 miles east of Orange, TX ... in Cajun country. Macile's Thoughts on Life and God Get Macile Hooper LeJeune's Prayer Team praying for you today - Submit a Prayer Request and other ... Prayer Requests at St Louis MO Business Consulting Services for Small to Medium Size Companies

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ricki needs more prayers; though not urgent

On Friday (was that just yesterday) ... no, on Thursday ... the drs said he could come home. He and Trudy spoke up almost at the same time, same words 'but' ... he had not walked for 17 days. The only time he was out of the bed was a couple of days after the surgery; put into a chair by 4 biggggg orderlies. >>>His surgeon was not pleased that the PT had not been walking him up and down the hall.<<<

Soooo they started doing that right then. A few steps ... (he claimed it was more steps back to the bed than away from it; tired out, he was). But they did a lot of that all afternoon. Then Trudy went to her aunt's house to get some much needed sleep. (In CCU, they started letting her stay with him, and even sit on the bed, once they took the tube out of his throat. That gave him a chance to EAT ... and so the IV drip antibotic and the feeding tube were gone.)

Friday morning when she got back to the hospital, things were not right. He wanted to go to the bathroom and since his bed rails were down and no one would answer his bell ringing, he went by himself. And his incision started ozzzzzing drops of blood. They did an echo gram ... and ... found his breast bone was not coming together like it should.

Yep, another surgery called for; but just an opening of the incision and ... they will tightly wire his breast bone together ... instead of the staples they had used. I am not sure, but some of them must have moved. This is a non-emergency surgery; and as we called friend and family for prayers ... we found out it happens to most Diabetics. But we are still praying.

Please join us ... and as Michael says ... pray with 'an attitude of gratitude' as we believe that our Father GOD, Sweet Jesus, and Blessed Mother Mary will intercede and that the Holy Spirit will guide the hands of the surgeon and his staff. JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Ohe, yes; on this bright sunshiny Louisiana spring day ... HIS hand is in all creations; trees blooming, bird singing, folks in their finest, singing ... singing ... singing ALLELUIA.
HL and I ... both ... made it through ALL the mass. ALLELUIA!!!
The altar was full of spring flowers; daffodils, daizys, narcissis; a bright aray of yellow, white and green. Spring has really sprung; and all is right in our world ... ALMOST.
Ricki is still in CCU ... but doing much better; awake a lot and responding to words and touch. He is trying to tell Trudy something ... but his hands are toooooo weak to hold the pen.
Our prayers today ... is that he makes his wishes known. It may be some trivial thing to all of us ... but it is so important to him ... that when Trudy and family are MADE to leave, he gets much agitated. Ohe, Sweet Jesus; help him make them understand ... so he can rest ... knowing his wishes will be fulfilled. DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!! ALL OF YOU; MERCI FOR THE PRAYERS ... AND HAVE A JOYOUS AND HOLY EASTER.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


In this holiest of HOLY WEEKS … in the Christian calendar … with tomorrow commenting the death of OUR SWEET JESUS, I can sympathize more with our Blessed Mother … than ever before. Before … I would think, ‘what would it be like’ to lose one of our children.
If you know us personally, you know … that our first born, a son, Ricki Joseph recently had heart by-pass surgery. He did well, surgery went faster that originally thought; he was off the respirator and in a chair by the third day. Then something happened. He was having panic attacks (nurse said) … and the more he had, he had much more. Finally they sedated him because someone noticed that they were fewer and farther between while he was asleep. They put him back on the ventilator.
Then he developed fluid in his lungs (they thought) … which actually was in his lung sacks. And he was building up mucus and could not cough it up because of the ventilator tube in his throat. They started pumping it out.
Then came the scare on Tuesday of this week. Things were not looking up anymore; just down and down and down; except his temperature. And someone (hospital staff) told the family ‘we have done all we can; now it is up to his will to live’. Sooooooo, no problem; he really wants to live.
And live he did. >>>Was Tuesday … only 2 days away. All the prayers in his behalf … did not get him up and walking around; but GOD did hear … and GOD did say ‘yes’. >>>Again someone (hospital staff) decided his sedation med was ‘maybe’ causing some of the problem.
Yesterday morning … his wife and sons … found a much better situation … and his fever was down from 102 … to 98.7. Gosh; he is normal.
Of course, we are all praising GOD, the Father; HIS SON; and our Blesssed Mother … with an army of saints … and saying ‘merci beaucoup plus et plus’ … over and over. DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!!
JESUS … I TRUST IN YOU; HE IS RISEN!!! Well, on Sunday.

Monday, March 10, 2008


HL had a dr appt this morning ... and I was tooooo dizzy to drive. I had prayed most of the night that I could go ... so he could get a 'big' pain shot. With the negative answer to my prayer ... I found out as HL started to leave ... it really was not NO; just not my way. >>>He had been buzzing around all morning, but I had not asked him about pain ... because to me, it seemed he did not hurt.<<< Soooooooooo, as I apologized for not being able to go ... he said 'no matter; I feel good (it was a med check) and do not need a shot'.
***I do not know how to drag and drop ... another website ... but ... Christine started a novena to St. Joseph this morning. AWESOME; and for fathers, husbands and ... yep ... carpentars (I pleaded for Sissy's house to be finished soon and under budget.) Christine's webpage is ... a widow's walk ... and the link is at the top of my page. Take a look; at all the links up there. All are by such spirit filled ladies from the stjames group. Great Lent reading.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I was sitting, my head hung low, asking 'why me' ... 'for so long' ... and it came to me; almost as a whisper ... instead of just a thought.
I must confess ... that I have never had the 'reverant devotion' to the Mass and Eucharist ... that I see in so many folks. We have one man that goes to 10:30 Mass every Sunday. He lives with his aged mother (she attends also) and a grandson they are raising (he attends also and is a server as is his granddad). This man kneels on both knees with his head bowed, before entering the pew. His hands are always ... palms together and straight up; none of this half way for him. He is a member of a group of men, that say a 'spiritual' rosary at funerals. They pray; sing; reflect on scriptual; sing; pray ... and end with 'Gentle Woman'. It is an amazing and awesome service to attend.
Now, for me. The past few days, I have been almost 'normal' in the late afternoon. Just wobbly but no dizzzzzzieness ... and with some energy.
But today ... is a day ... that Dr. S told me to wean myself off the patch. 'It is only a temporary thing; not meant to wear forever'. Ooooooooopss!!! Could it be a subliminal suggestion? It has been about 2 hours, and I am slightly dizzy, more nauseated ... and almost crying.
I am thinking ... this 'cross' as Esther said 'is probably some lesson I should learn'. Yep, bet Jesus wants me to have more reverant devotion to HIM in the sacrement of Eucharist. I am not even thinking (ohe, yes, I am) of how much fun ... old red legs ... is having with me. >>>GO AWAY, DEVIL/SATAN/EVIL ONE<<< Now, say it out loud. That is what Sissy does.
Well, HL just shouted 'dinner is served' ... he barbarqued and even made the potato salad. Yucks, just thinking about it makes me ... ??????? Am going to try though to keep some of it down. He is trying hard to keep normal in all of this.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I know in my heart that when HE is ready, I will be well. I am the most ... impatient patient that I know. Well, I guess after HL. But he expects ... when he sees a dr today; tomorrow will be ... back to normal. But since Dr. S said ... 'try this for 5 days; and if you are not better ... take 1/2 of a valium at night.' I hope we do not have to do an MRI ... nor go out of town for a specialist. But this seems to just drag on and on. Well, not really. Remember, I did have some good days on the patch ... before I got on the Bactrim. Yep, he took me off that ... because the cyst incision was healing nicely (he said) ;-)
And yes, I know that it may take a few days to get all of the Bactrim out of my system. I actually felt almost well ... Tuesday and yesterday ... just in time for bed.
Soooooooooooo am praying ... and Sissy is treating me ... and I have such a prayer warrior group of kith and kin ... that I know in my head ... when HE is ready. But ... just want to say 'HURRY UP, SWEET JESUS'. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Merci to all of you who are praying. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!