Wednesday, April 16, 2008


About a couple of months ago in the daytime, HL came toward the house from our pond ... which is only about 9 acres away ... but with a couple of curves and plenty of weeds, you cannot see the house until you are about 4 acres closer. As he rounded the last curve, he saw an ambulance at our front door, with the lights going ... but no siren and rushed to see what was going on. >>>It was when I had vertigo so bad.<<<
Two EMTs were in the cab, doing paper work on a clipboard. Our front door was closed, but from my computer room, I cannot see the driveway, much less who was at the front door. However, they assured them that they had NOT knocked yet. ***Good thing it was not an urgent 911 call.*** So then he had to go to the back door; maybe a minute more than if the front door was unlocked. He came in, slamming the door and hollering for me.
Imagine his surprise when I was looking into the kitchen ... and he can see me after about 4 or 5 steps toward the sink. I could not 'figger' out what all the hallow-ba-looooo was.
Well, I was on line; so no one could have used my internet line to dial out. They were satisfied with seeing me ... and knowing there was no emergency. But they claimed the call came from 3187 ... and that was impossible, we assured them
Now, on Monday night (4/15; around 1:30 am); BAM, BAM, BAM ... AND ... it was NOT Emeril. HL said 'be quiet' and took his pistol and went into the living room. BAM, BAM AND BAMBAMMMMM. They were determined to wake someone.
He said 'who is it?' and as the voice came back 'sheriff dept' ... I saw one of them step up on the bottom step and could see his patch on his shirt sleeve. I could also see the legs of one of them on the porch. I told HL that ... so he opened the door slightly, with his pistol hanging down at his side, but where it could be seen. Needless to say, he was being cautious; but still, wanted to be ready if the voice outside was lying. >>>They could have prevented all that anxiety by having their whirling lights on ... but only had on their headlights and there were 3 guys ... each in their own car. 'What is the emergency' was from the guy on the porch.
HL said 'I do not know what you are talking about.' About that time, someone saw the gun in his hand at the same time that he realized the uniforms and the cars were real.
The guy on the porch said 'I do not blame you; I would not have opened my door without my gun in hand.' They chatted a bit; 'do you have a computer' ... and I explained ... a laptop that I always turn off ... and since I get into several bank accounts (all with the padlock; but I am still leary about this new fangled gadgets) I always unplug the phone line. ;-) Yep, I do.
Sooooooooo your guess is as good as mine. We still do not know why or how that phone call was made. HL thinks it was our address but in Westlake (70669 instead of our 70663 because we get their mail and they get ours). Sissy and I think it was one of the many computers under the communication tower. Will probably never know. But if it happens again, I am going to be a lotttttttt more curious ... and ask a lot of questions.
For now; GOD IS GOOD ... ALWAYS; AND IN ALL WAYS. (Yes, we both thought it was bad news about Ricki or one of his boys [Daniel works nights] ... we praise our Sweet Jesus ... that it was just a glitizzzzz in some machine. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!


Leslie K. said...

Dear Macile's Guardian Angel, please stop using the computer and/or the telephone....she is doing much better now and does not need you to keep calling the doctor or the sheriff.


Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

Ohe, you are soooo smart, Mrs. Leslie; and I thought he was in Shreveport. *giggle* I love you.

Esther said...

Well, that's a lot of excitement! I'm grateful the only emergency is wondering who's using your phone line?