Sunday, August 3, 2008

Still reading it over and over ... and

Yes, I did; read it over and over; and since most of my blog entries are ad-lib, I have not changed a thing. Sometimes, I wish I had said something differently ... but then ... it would be planned ... calculated ... perfect English (instead of some Cajun slang thrown in) ... and as I told one person years ago ... I like writing like I talk ... it is just 'more me' that way.

Ricki ordered those small McD hamburgers again toda ... and really enjoyed them and the fries. I ... on the other hand ... ate his roast beef (so tender ... it could have just been inhaled, almost. And I love those school house buns. Yep, I made a small sandwich ... but ate the cornbread dressing also. Then just the protein ... well, the tomato and pickle too ... of my grilled chicken (half of a half of a breast ... yep, not a repeated ... really was a half of half of a breast ;-)

HL was not feeling good at all ... so I drove; and we only stayed about an hour. But Ricki is so much more clear headed now ... and everything we talk about makes a lot of sense. We were just filling in the blanks for him for the first few days in DeQuincy.

I often prayed that he not remember some of the things they did to him ... and did not do for him as he asked ... and ... GOD IS GOOD ... ALWAYS; AND IN ALL WAYS. He does ask if certain things really happened ... or did he dream it ... and most of it is real, although maybe a bit cloudy ... and we answer all his questions truthly. Would not want him to believe that those memories are fantasy. We wish we could help other folks in that ICU who are not being treated right ... physically. One thing is ... the medical treatments are the best to be had ... if the staff 'of the day' is in the mood to work with the patient. Certain nurses were so dedicated ... and others were so lazy and unconcerned. I always say 'if you do not like sick folks, do not go into the medical field' ... and ... 'if you do not like kids, do not become a teacher'.

My vertigo is better so I will be heading off to Mass in a few. Hope all of you had a pleasant and peaceful weekend ... and ... >>>unhappy that I am not in Kansas City today ... but ... IN GOD'S TIME; I am sure Sissy and I will get there eventually.

Je t'aime ... and ... DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!! Macile JESUS, I trust in YOU!!!


Christine said...

I know you will get here to KC one day. Meantime glad to know Ricki is healing so well.

Leslie K. said...

I wanted you to know you and Sissy and Ricki and HL are in my prayers. God keep you safe, my Cajun Sister...through this storm and all the other storms of our lives.

Love you - Leslie

chimakuni said...

Sweetie - you have been tagged - go check out my you

Leslie K. said...

HEY! I need your prayers...a novena...Mary, Undoer of Knots.....for my brother....Macile, you are my prayer warrior extroidinaire so get to work, my darling Cajun
Sister in Christ!

Leslie K. said...


Love, Leslie

Leslie K. said...

Hang in there, Darlin...and no, we are NOT moving to Alaska.....Florida, maybe...Ave Maria, Florida....but only if the weather improves.

Christine Trollinger said...

miss your blogging wisdom Macile. Hope your feeling better.