Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Family Divided: Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman (Bounty Hunter)

The only reason that I know who this man is … is because when he was arrested in Mexico and then cleared of all charges … it was all over the national news. That was some time back in time.
It was mentioned then, that he had a show all his own, on A & E and that it was so popular … it had recently become the number one series on that network. Kinda any other ‘Cop’ show; I do not watch any of them.
If you know anything about me, before today, you know that I watch EWTN, almost exclusively except for NBC Nightly News and local news each night. I try to watch the Mass each day at 6 pm, except Sunday. That is the time slot of Sunday Night Live with Father Benedict Groeschel. The programming on EWTN from 7 pm to 8 pm … Monday through Friday … is my kind of pleasure and joy. Sometime it is serious, but lots of times, it is also funny enough to make me laugh out loud, not just smile gleefully. Each host is a ‘star’ in their own right … for me.
But for some reason, I do not watch EWTN on Saturday night. (Maybe I will check the schedule and see why.) So yesterday, I watched Geraldo on FoxNews when I found out that the whole show would NOT be about ‘OJ’. It was about Drew Perterson and his families. I will not even try to talk about that man and his deceased wives.
But since I do not like war stories, at 8 pm, looked around, ending up with Larry King and Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman. I had seen some of his story on a couple of other ‘news’ shows this week, so stayed there. I got in on the beginning, this time.
This is a pitiful story, if even only a small part of it is true. Sons against father is predicted in scripture. And … these sons … sold out for ’30 pieces for silver’. Now, hear this well. I am still naïve, as someone told me long ago … and it is not just because I never worked with the public at large. I just trust folks unless they hurt me or mine.
The gist of this story is the ‘N’ word; much as the rapper (I forget his name) and the Don Imus mess. Of course, Mr. Imus knew he was on the air … and he did not use the ‘N’ word; just a rather common term for ladies of color … used by the black community … but taboo for any other race. That was part of Mr. Chapman's problem. He hangs with other races; and considers himself ... 'a brother from a different mother' ... to quote him.
Mr. Chapman, on the other hand, was on the phone with one of his sons. Seems that son or someone else had a recorder going. That may have been illegal, but as Mr. Chapman told Larry King, that is not even the point of his hurt. He was telling his son, Tucker ‘you know that I use language not accepted by all, and if you bring this girl into our home and business, she may hear things that are not for public display’. Well, he said more than that, but I do not want to go into the whole story. If you do not know it … and are interested, I am sure you can find it on line.
Mr. Chapman’s oldest son was on the King show at the end; admitting that he also ‘sold’ his story of being the son of ‘Dog’ right after he got out of prison. I think he said ‘I was 21; knew ‘Dog’ was my biological dad; but we had never met’. But when the supermarket scandal sheet offered him money … he took it; told lies; they knew he was telling lies; and they printed it any way. (They paid for the lie detector test.)
Now the ‘Tucker’ story is different, in a way. The scandal mongers had been offering him money for months … and he finally got hungry. This taping, by the way, was way back around the first of the year. But the story hit the airwaves just recently. Could they have been checking the facts for the truth? NAW! They had another motive, I am guessing. Like ...
So why did they wait? More honey for the money; ‘Dog’ has progressively become more and more popular. Hit him while at the top; why bother if he is not a ‘media/series/TV’ MegaStar. That is where the money is. Printing stories that 'sells' is their motive.
The purpose of all this ‘talk’ by me … is to ask ‘why’ would sons do that to their father. ‘Money’ was the answer for the son sitting next to him on the King show. HOW SAD!!!
And even though I know a lot of dis-functional families … money is not usually what tears them apart. Now … the control issue; that is a whole ‘nuther story. This touched me deeply; more so than I could have imagined.
The show ended (like another one I saw) with Mr. Chapman’s pastor and spiritual director chiming. That man is black. And he has known Mr. Chapman for quiet some time. They are working on this problem; had been for several years … and … (not a quote) the preacher said ‘He is coming along; never talks like that in front of me and my congregation’. And ‘he is sincere; I know that in my heart’. And I feel that also.
Well, Mr. Chapman has shed tears, every time I have seen him (three or four partial shows) and seems sincere to me. One of the ‘cam questions’ was really just a comment by a small white girl saying ‘GOD forgives everyone who makes mistakes. Even I … make mistakes. GOD forgives you for your mistake. We should all forgive others.) And again, that is not a direct quote, because I was not taking notes and am relying on my memory.
Forgiveness is what Jesus is all about. Forgiveness of ourselves; forgiveness of others; and a sincere promise on out part … not to repeat that mistake. Jesus, I trust in YOU. DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A change in my heart; an attitude of gratitude

If I REALLLLY am busy, it used to REALLLLLLY get my damper up ... if anything surprisingly put a stop to that happening; not that I REALLLLLY like working that much; I just like plans to stay as I made them; not change several times, especially by someone else making new plans.
Just over an hour ago, we got home from getting HL an pain shot. That used to REALLLLLLY make me frustrated; if he had not brought it on by doing somethings that he knew he should not be doing. NOW ... if he had been misbehaving (going against doctor's orders) my temper would flare so much inside of me ... that I am surprised that my nose did not glow like Rudolph's.
>>>I was taught by a nice lady ... when I was working for her dad on a weekly newspaper ... not to use certain words toooooo often ... but ... REALLLLLY;<<<
That was the only word that would work here, and get the point across.
Since our son, MJ wrote his book and talked about an 'attitude of gratitude' when praying about problems ... yours or others ... my temper does not get the best of me often. That is probably not what MJ had in mind when writing about it, but sometimes ... a small change in thinking can REALLLLLLY change your whole outlook on life; thus changing your life.
Try it; you will probably find, just like I did, that it only makes for a better way of doing things. Sil vous plait!! Please!!! Just a test. And then report to me. ;-)
Je t'aime and DIEU TE BENISSE!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Our Crucifix in not ... just another cross

At a recent funeral of a dear cousin, the person standing at the podium, introduced himself as the pastor of the Vincent Settlement Baptist Church. He was short of statue and looked in his mid-50s. But he was standing tall ... as he started to talk.
In his introduction, he remarked that 'I do not know Mr. Hooper, although I was told by relatives that he had attended our church when he was younger.'
Mr. Hooper, in his retirement, had a brother who belongs to the Assembly of God denomination ... and at times, has been pastor of several churches in this area. He now attends the new one in Sulphur, where the old Kroger used to be. But he is not the pastor there; just helping when needed.
I did not ask that Mr. Hooper if the deceased attended that church. He had been quite sickly for over 5 months; and I am not aware of much of his activities during that time. >>>There is really no excuse; although I used the illness of my husband and our oldest daughter ... as a reason to stay close to home ... not knowing how ill my cousin was.
This man at the podium was talking about our 'asking' our Father, GOD for favors; even for the healing of extremely ill friends and relatives.
That led him into ... 'even Jesus, in the garden, asked our Father ... for relief of his burden and cross'. Ohe, yes ... this man made it clear that Jesus knew his destiny. But what he was leading up to ... was ... if Jesus ... in his divinity ... could ask for relief from our Father ... why did we, as lowly human beings ... although created to be with GOD ... think that we ... do not need any help ... not even from HIM. And he started to slowly sink ... toward the floor.
As he said ... 'Jesus, on his knees ... asked our Father ... for relief'. He sank a little lower; still talking ... 'if HE could ask ... why NOT should we'. He raised his voice ... and again ... sank lower; 'why NOT, my friends and fellow mourners ... should we NOT ask ... our Father ... on our knees when we are in need'.
He went on and on about our needing our Father ... and then he stood straight. 'Yes, we have legs to stand on. But in our greatest need ... as today, we NEED to ask our Father ... on our knees ... to take Mr. Hooper home to his eternal rest in the arms of our Jesus ... and we NEED to ask our Father ... on our knees ... to take our tears and turn them into good. Good for us; good for our fellow mourners; good for the whole world of brothers and sisters'.
Now, let me say here ... I am not quoting exactly; because it was a couple of months ago. And his talking was much longer than I have recited. AND ...
Yes, I am sure some of you are saying to yourself ... 'When is she going to get to the title of this writing. RIGHT NOW!!! Whew, thought I would not, huh?
***I look up at the Crucifix in our church, every Sunday ... as I enter ... and say 'good morning, Jesus'. Yes, that is after I have said my morning prayers at home. But this is different. I am looking up at the face of our GOD, Son and Savior.*** >>>BUT ... today was different.<<<
And remember, I was at that funeral ... over 2 months ago. And I have not missed a Sunday ... and even went during the week a couple of time ... to Mass ... so have seen this magnificent huge Crucifix on many occasions.
BUT ... TODAY WAS DIFFERENT!!! I was praying for a special intention; trying to plead with Jesus and his Blessed Mother Mary ... Mother of the Church; Queen of Peace; Queen of Heaven and earth. I was pleading for peace ... peace in our family; peace in this house; peace in the world.
I put my head down, thinking of all the marvelous things GOD has done in the lives of my family over the past year. Many good things have come to us; physical health; financial blessings; and TODAY ... a new baby girl.
&&&WELCOME, MyLeeJo ... sweet baby ... so lucky to be born to a mother and father who wanted her so much and love each other.
BUT no ... great-grandmother is not satisfied. Two of our four children do not attend any church service. And one of them is the granddad of MyLeeJo and Riley.

Sooooooooo, there I was praying ... praying ... praying ... for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren ... to come to the Altar of Jesus.
That is what this is ... all about. The gospel today was ... 'ask and you shall receive'. That so did hit home. Here I was ... asking, begging, pleading ... before Mass, without knowing what the readings were; for our children to not only pray, but to attend Mass.
And I looked up ... into the face of Our Lord and Savior on the cross. That Crucifix has been right where it is ... for many years. BUT ... TODAY ... I noticed ... HIS head is held high ... HIS eyes are open ... HE is looking upward ... as though he is pleading 'Let this cup pass'. NO, HE did that in the garden ... before even ... the WAY OF THE CROSS.
Of course, I know; that is what this is all about. How many Crucifixes have you seen in your life. Are they not of the 'dead' Jesus? Is not HIS head ... always ... resting on HIS shoulder? Is not ... HIS eyes always closed?
I CHECKED AGAIN; rosaries that I have. Yes, HIS head is down and HIS eyes are closed. Now I am so enthralled with this Crucifix ... I can just see myself ... visiting the other Catholic Churches around the area.
Am I dreaming??? No, I gazed at that face ... over and over ... even as I got nearer to receive the Body and Blood of our Sweet Jesus. Something has happened to me today. On the inside; in my heart, soul and mind. I am joyful as I have never been before. Tears of joy are filling my eyes. And there is a fullness is in my chest. I cannot hear or feel my heart beating ... so that fulness has to be in ... my soul. After all, I attend Mass at this Catholic Church every Sunday if I am in town. Why was today so different?
WHAT happened today? WHY was it so different? WILL is always be this way now. HOW can it be explained? Maybe it should not be explained ... but I have a questioning nature. Be sure, I will explore further. (Original post on July 30; today is November 3; I still have not received the explanation in my mind that I want ... but no longer need. I just say ... 'Jesus, I trust in YOU' ... and let him work in me to praise and glorify HIS name.
I full well know that this writing has ended up being much longer than I intended; but I just let my fingers flow with my mind in charge. I even went back and added ... because the buttons allowed me to 'edit'. ;-)
To all of you who read it to this point, Merci Beaucoup Plusse' ... and ... DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!! You, yours; and ... me and mine.
Que le Bon-Dieu vous bénisse ... May God bless all of you, Macile