Monday, February 25, 2008

Keeping it all straight; need data file %-p

Last night and some this morning, I kept thinking ... go to my aol blog ... and add some things about eating right (for a Diabetic ... trying to lose weight and get the FBS at an acceptable level). Well, I went there a couple of time, between reading mail and other blogs ... and just could not find what I was looking for. DUH!!! Need my brain cleaned, especially memory area.
I started putting that stuff on this site ... so I can repost it on CCC when we get it up and running. NOW ... for the confession of the weekend.
I was doing fine; blood sugar just a little high (135 or less) for over 2 weeks now, and soooooo, decided to eat that half banana, a couple of the huge strawberries we bought during the week, and of course, that went into the bowl holding the 'no sugar added' butter/pecan ice cream. Then I remembered the 'light' cool whip and the choc shell ... going to waste on the table.
NOW ... the first mistake I made ... was to whip up this concoction; and second was eating it in the middle of the afternoon. But ... it was Sunday; my 'over eat' day so my body would not think it is in 'hibernation' and adjust my metabiliosm. Soooooooooo, this morning, my FBS was 215.
Ohhhhhhhe, my; ohe, my; Never ... in the 22 years of testing first thing in the morning ... did I have a reading like that. Soooooooooooo, gonna put that # on the fridge in large red letters ... and try to get my tired body and brain to stop looking for excuses ... and just 'git it done' as one of our grandsons like to say. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Did you happen to catch the EWTN mass yesterday? I watch it at 6pm (CDT) and do not get back on line after that. BUT ... a visiting priest ... Father John Kennedy (yep) from Austrialia was speaking of what happened when the Friar (probably Fr. Joseph) asked him to preach. It was at supper, day before yesterday ... and that meant 'I do not have time to write'... but after the first refusal ... he was asked again (coaxed, he said) and again he refused. He did not say how many times ... but over and over; and they even said 'Just think, your mom in Austrialia could see you and see you are fine and healthy'. Was that blackmail?? He was grinning.
I speak of this ... because so many of us, lately, have talked about our 'dark night of the soul' and how there are times when we just ... DO NOT ... want to pray. He was eloquent ... and sooooo convincing ... and I said 'ALLELUIA'.
His words were 'the more you do not want to do something that GOD wants you to do ... but you go on and do it ... the more meaning your suffering has'.
Our homily on Sunday was much the same; 'in GOD's own time; in GOD's own way'.
As Lee Anne said 'doing it GOD's way ... even when we think we know more than HE'.
Jesus said 'pray with a joyful heart' ... but that does not say that if you do not have a joyful heart ... your prayers are less effective. In fact as Fr. Kennedy said 'give until it hurts; as our Blessed Mother gave at the foot of the cross. She, for sure ... did not have a joyful heart at that time ... nor did she, most of her life, seeing as how she knew from the beginning ... what her precious SON would have to go through to save our souls.
Soooooooooo, DJ, Leslie, Esther, me and me and me ... pray anyway ... and reap the rewards for yourself ... and others (Love your neighbor). I am going to try to continue using an 'attitude of gratitude' in all my spiritual life ... and let GOD know (as if HE does not already) ... I am aiming for perfection ... knowing it will come ... in my next stage of life.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Trying to learn how to put new links in my list

Widow's Walk OK ... so that is Christine MaggieO's blog. But I want it in the list of blogs or sites on the side of my blog. Let's see. Publish ... and ... ???

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just once, Lord; just once

As I was watching Fr. Pacwac last night, bemoaning in my mind ... how tired I was, it came to me 'just once, I would like to stay in bed beyond daybreak'. NOT because I am sick (remember last 2 weeks, I would NOT stay in bed) ... and certainly not because I am dead.
NOPE, got toooooo much work to do. Of course, I bet, when we die, we will not be tired again.
Yesterday was a big day for me after over 3 weeks of not doing much except stablizing my head against a high back desk chair (where I am now) or ... stablizing my head against a high back recliner in the living room.
At the table this morning (HL seldom eats the same time as me, but did today) ... he said 'why am I so tired. I spent plenty of time in bed resting and sleeping.' He has a TV in the bedroom and a bed that you can raise the head. So most days, at 6pm when the Mass is on EWTN, he goes in there and stays until the next morning. ;-) (That gives me 2 or 3 hours in the living room ... watching what I like.)
Soooooo, where does this leave us. Someone told me once, that the more you exercise, the less tired you are. Soooooo as soon as I am 'good to go' with this head of mine (which is lotzzzz better today) ... am going to try to start my walk-a-robic exercise again. That helps keep my FBS under control and there are other health benefits also.
Ya'll have a nice day. DIEU TE BENISSE!!! GOD BLESS!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Another week; progress??? Ugh!!!

Yes, again; I am whining. Weighed today even though I 'snuck up on the scale yesterday' because I always weigh on Saturday. Another 3 pounds lost; but is that really progress ... after the way I have been nauseated all week. Yesterday, the vertigo was more worse than any other day this week. Soooooo crackers and milk and a boiled egg ... was the menu of the day. I made myself an scrambled eggbeater sandwich on raisin bread ... and just the smell of that bread ... led me to put it in a plastic ziploc bag and store in fridge.
Sooooooooo ... this morning ... decided to eat half of it. HL still wants to go eat at that 'Cajun buffet' ... and if I can stand up ... I will.
Sooooooooooo ... on with the day. A little housework ... turn on the washer ... get dressed ... and Ooooooooops!!! Rush back into the bathroom to upchuck. My stomach has been threatening to do that all week, but a cold wet rag on my neck had prevented it.
So I sit here at this machine and am shaking inside and out. HL is back from Mass ... and freezing. %---{ Why run the central heat ... while he is gone, if I am overly warm?
The washer just finished the rinse spin ... but will wait a while before attempting to stand up. Now ... do not fret; as HL says 'get to the dr' ... and I remind him that I have been having vertigo since the late 60s; and no dr has ever prescribed anything except Antivert ... an expensive brand name chemical that translates to ... YEP; Dramamine.
Stay tuned for an update; and ... YA'LL HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!!!