Saturday, August 29, 2009


My hard and intense anger … as I watched Senator Ted Kennedy take communion … was not at the senator. It was at the cameraman and (if given permission) at that person also; to be in a Sunday Mass … in the middle of a segment on some news show … just to get that action on tape … and show it … over and over and over; as happened for several weeks, on and off.
I know that only a mortal sin, not repented, can send us to h??l. But as I learned in catechism … there are 3 rules to committing a mortal sin.
First, you must have the knowledge that the action is a mortal sin.
Second, you must not care that your are sinning and putting more nails into our LORD, Jesus Christ … and may be leading others to commit the same sin. (That makes two sins; slander being the second)
As I watched last night and today … and all the accolades to his memory and to his memorable public life … I came to the conclusion … HE HAD HIS BELIEF; PRO-CHOICE AND PRO-WOMEN’S RIGHTS.
Now let me say here, my husband goes to Mass on Saturday morning. That is a whole ‘nuther story, but I debated with several folks … ‘leave him alone; he is tete’ dur (hard headed) and you will not change his mind’. I remember at a Sunday morning mass, I man that I did not especially like but tolerated his word exchanges with me, to do as Jesus said ‘love thy neighbor’. This man … when he asked me ‘where is your side kick’ … I answered ‘he only goes to Mass on Saturday morning’. To my shocking surprise … he said ‘well, at least he goes sometimes’. That was the same words I used to quiet those who scolded HL often. And some just kept on; and on; and on … one being a priest and one being a religious brother. He continues to do as he pleases … and to me … because he believes … if you can go on Saturday night; why not morning.
Hearing all the things said about the senator, he had to be a very likable person. Funny things; pleasant memories; sad occasions; fighting for his country in the military and then in Congress for 47 years … still a senator at his death. Even Republicans spoke highly of him.
I have seen a bumper sticker that read ‘you cannot be Catholic and pro-choice’.
SOOOOOO … what if he felt deep in his heart, mind and soul … that women had so little rights that every man … young, old, rich, poor; hard working or lazy; even criminals have rights.
So what if he felt in his heart, mind and soul … that abortion was a woman’s right. I have no doubt in my mind that his mama would not approve of that … but then, who am I to say that is correct.
Sooooo, as the nation mourns the passing of yet another Kennedy icon and patriarch … I ponder over and prayed much for his soul … in the past few days.
I know little about Vicki; she did live in Crowley, LA (although I am not sure she was born there) and her father was a well known judge.
I know more about her now; not just from the things said about her … but JUST BY THE FACT … THAT SHE INSISTED THAT JOAN (TED’S FIRST WIFE) AND MOTHER OF SOME OF HIS CHILDREN … COME TO THE SERVICE. I saw several blondes that favored her, but none had their names flashed on screen.
So … judge not … that ye shall not be judged. I think that is from the Old Testament; but do not quote me on that. I recognize lots of scripture but cannot pin point it … when I really need to.
I wish Vicki a long and loving life … with her children, his children and all the extended family. Jean is the only child of Rose and Joe left. And so many of their children had dramatic and horrific deaths. At least, Ted died … knowing for over a year, that the brain cancer would eventually ‘do him in’ … but it is my understanding that he was pleasant to the end. Not that he did not fight … a valiant fight … for with his wealth … he could afford the best of medical care.
The priest that led the Mass said ‘it was a privilege to be with him and Vicki in these last days.
May his soul rest in peace; and may our Father God, our Sweet Jesus and the Holy Spirit … the Blessed Holy Trinity … and the communion of saints … welcome him into his Heavenly home.

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